Get paid to promote NYCT Clothing & help spread the word. Be a part of our brand ambassadors today!

We are now accepting applications for our Fall season!


  • Earn 10% commission (before taxes and shipping - paid through Paypal) on each order when a customer clicks on one of your links or uses your friends & family discount code and places an order.
  • 30 day tracking cookie 
  • Creatives (banners, product links, discount code) are provided to help you drive traffic to NYCT Clothing site.
  • 10% off discount code for your friends and family
  • Exclusive giveaways, merchandise, rewards and more!
  • We'll send you a free graphic t-shirt on your 5th sale.
  • Free to join


  1. Do not put your discount code on coupon sites. If we find your discount code on these sites, it will be a cause of your removal from our Brand Ambassador Program. 
  2. Must be 15+ to be a part of our brand ambassador program.
  3. You must read and agree with our Brand Ambassador Program Agreement
  4. Ambassadors cannot receive commission or sales credit on any orders using their personal discount code.
  5. Ambassadors cannot receive commission or sales credit on their own orders, orders shipped to their address, or orders from another ambassador


  1. Sign up through our affiliate partner network - APPLY HERE
  2. Once approved, you can feature NYCT Clothing however you like through your website, Instagram or any other social media page you own using our creatives (banners, product links, referral link, coupon codes etc.).