Why was my order cancelled?

The reason your order was cancelled could be due to several reasons, most often this is because your payment was not successfully processed. 

Please note: We reserve the right to cancel any order that we deem to be possibly of a fraudulent nature or high risk. 

The most common reasons are:
1. Item out of stock
2. Billing address & shipping address does not match (For security purposes, all first time orders must be shipped to the credit card billing address)
3. Information mismatch 
4. The address and telephone number you provided for your credit card does not match what you bank has on file.
5. Payment declined. 
6. Order was deemed high risk based on the IP address you used and address not matching your geolocation.
7. Too many payment attempts

What you can do:
1. Verify that the information you provided matches the same one on file with your bank/credit card issuer. 
2. Try placing an order again & make sure that the information you provide (billing zip code, CVC code etc) matches with what your bank has on file.
3. Try using a different payment method such as Paypal. 

Pending/Authorization Charge
You are never charged for cancelled orders. If you see a charge on your bank statement after you placed your order, this is only a pending/authorization transaction that will eventually be removed.